Our Mission



We are fueled by our passion for the hemp plant and its infinite potential to positively impact ourselves and the planet.   



About Us

Pure + Planted creates Craft Hemp wellness products that promote balance and harmony. For as long as we can remember, cannabis has been at the center of our lifestyle. We are grateful to be able to draw from our years of experience privately tinkering with the hemp plant, to bring to market products that have been tested and improved over time and will truly elevate your life.  

Pure + Planted originated as a cannabis life-wares shop in Burlington, Vermont, in 1998. As a pioneering retailer of CBD and hemp derived products, we have both experienced and witnessed the positive impact it has on our customers. CBD was providing relief for many people with a range of ailments and discomforts who had little luck with conventional pharma-based practices. We personally experienced the positive impact on our own health and well-being, and we were motivated and inspired  to create our own CBD wellness products.  It started with our signature craft gummy and with its popularity, we have developed a diverse product line with solutions for all of your CBD needs. The benefits of CBD continue to unfold before us as we go deeper into the skin care & heath and beauty product formulations. Full Tank is committed to locally sourcing all ingredients whenever possible. 

We offer primarily Full Spectrum CBD products with the exception of a few THC-free options, making Full Tank CBD your go-to brand for all your CBD needs.

We know it can be hard to find a line of CBD that you can trust. With the recent passing of the Farm Bill, you might ask, “where is all the CBD coming from?” Pure + Planted CBD comes from Organic Clean Green hemp, grown in the Vermont Sunshine by our friends and neighbors. Pure + Planted CBD products are fully traceable from seed to sale and 3rd party lab tested for quality assurance and safety.


Why is Craft Hemp Different? 

The Pure + Planted craft hemp difference begins with products that are made without automation, using only the highest quality organic, sun grown hemp. Every hemp plant is lovingly cultivated by the farmer paying special attention to the specific needs of each plant without the use of pesticides and chemicals. All our hemp flower and raw materials are sourced directly from the farmer and fully traceable from seed to sale. The quality of the hemp we source has a noticeable impact on the quality and efficacy of our end product. All Pure + Planted CBD products are Farm Bill Compliant and 3rd party tested. Lab Reports available on request. 

We also focus on using our business as a tool for positive social change. By locally sourcing our hemp, we work with small farmers to help achieve organic and sustainable production. We support our community by providing a revenue stream to our local farmers and paying them fair market prices. But it’s a reciprocal relationship because by maintaining a close and honest relationship with our hemp farmers, we can ensure that our CBD is always sourced from a consistent, reliable and high-quality supplier. This is especially important when it comes to hemp since it’s a bio-accumulator, meaning that it draws all chemicals from the soil.