Premium Not Mediocre
Our hemp has been, and always will be, small batch and craft. We will never compromise quality for quantity—no matter the demand.

Sustainable Not Wasteful
We take only what Mother Earth offers us—no more, no less. Because of our farmers’ dedication to the specific needs of each plant, every one of them can thrive.

Approachable Not Intimidating
We’re the furthest thing from elitist. Just like our hemp, we are down to earth with the simple aim to bring harmony to the lives of others.

Authentic Not Deceiving
Customers shouldn’t have to ask, “Is this safe?” That’s why all of our products are fully traceable from seed to sale and tested by a third-party lab for quality assurance.


About Us

Pure + Planted originated as a cannabis life-wares shop in Burlington, Vermont, in 1998, called Full Tank. As a pioneering retailer of CBD and hemp derived products, we built upon our decades of experience and knowledge to create Pure + Planted and its superior products. We are deeply committed to our Vermont roots and pride ourselves on crafting CBD goods made from locally sourced hemp and natural ingredients that elevate the everyday lives of others.


Our synergistic relationships with local farmers make what we do possible. But our hemp farmers aren’t just business associates, they’re friends and neighbors. By maintaining close and honest relationships with local suppliers, we are able to ensure our hemp is always sourced from reliable, high-quality suppliers. Simultaneously, we are doing our part to help support the local economy and our community by sourcing our plants locally and paying fair market prices.


Hand picked with love, not processed hemp.

Real people that stand firmly behind our products and their ingredients because we use them on ourselves and our own families and children.

A company based in Vermont that sources our hemp and all-natural ingredients locally from farmers that are our friends also in Vermont.

We work collaboratively with our consumers to pinpoint the formulas and dosages that will most effectively help them achieve results.


Mass produced hemp, machine processed and without love

A large corporation just trying to profit from this newly booming hemp/ CBD industry that prioritizes financial gain.

A company based out of one state that gets their hemp from an unknown source or even a known source, in another state, without any real connection to the growers and conditions in which the hemp is grown.

An unapproachable and unreachable company that’s embroiled in bureaucracy and never answers the phone