CBD Isolate


CBD Isolate

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Highly purified and crystalline 99% CBD extract derived from sun-grown Vermont hemp. Odorless and flavorless and appears as a thin white powder, pure isolate can easily be used as an ingredient to mix with certain foods or drinks, or simply ingested orally for fast acting relief.

Available in 500mg ½ gram jars and 1000mg 1gram jar

Suggested Use: CBD Isolate is fully activated. This means it is ready to be used without needing decarboxylation (heating up to convert cannabinoids to a usable state by the body). You can use isolate to formulate your own edibles or topicals or just sprinkle on whatever you’d like! Just keep in mind that isolate is fat soluble. 

Ingredients: 99% pure 3rd party lab tested

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500mg, 1000mg


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