4-Pack RAW Shorties


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At Full Tank we hand craft our pre-rolls using Clean Green Certified Vermont Craft Hemp. Smoking hemp flower has the potential to offer a range of benefits and relief similar to edibles and topicals.  However, smoking is the original and fastest method of cannabis delivery. If rapid relief is what you are seeking, pre-rolls are the ideal choice.

RAW Organic papers are created from pure, chlorine-free hemp & produced in an eco-friendly manner in order to produce a slow burning, thin, and clean paper.

4-Pack Pre-Rolls

We offer packs of 4 individual-sized RAW pre-rolls, perfect for getting you through your work week. Each pre-roll contains 0.5 grams of our craft hemp, and zero grams of any chemical-based papers– because what you smoke and what you smoke out of matters!

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Single King Size (1 gram), 4-Pack (0.5 grams each)


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