What is Craft Hemp? Here’s Why You Should Care

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With CBD and hemp now such a mainstream, desirable consumer product, products containing CBD or made from hemp are popping up all over. In truth, many of these products are a lot alike—they’re created from bulk biomass and extracts without a lot of attention to quality. However, if you want superior quality, hemp and CBD products made from craft hemp are the way to go. What is craft hemp, and why should you care whether a CBD product is made using craft hemp? Here’s a closer look.

What is craft hemp?

No matter what kind of product it is that you are buying, the attribute “craft” signifies an optimal quality. Craft items are often hand-created in small batches by a discerning artisan or overseer. In terms of craft hemp, those same rules apply.

Craft hemp is a term that indicates the hemp was grown, tended, harvested, and processed using a small-scale methodology. Oftentimes, craft hemp has specialized, unique genetics compared to other plants, and the cultivation methods used to harvest that hemp are much more hands-on. Hemp growers who are focusing on craft hemp pay special attention to things like cultivation processes and harvesting techniques to protect the quality of the end product.

Why buy craft hemp products?

Products created with craft hemp go through the same careful, passionate processes in the hands of crafters. The goal is to retain the quality of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. The crafter has worked so hard to nurture those compounds from the time the seed was planted, so every step in actual product creation is handled with the utmost attention to quality just the same.

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Craft hemp, superior quality

Craft hemp tends to be far more high-quality than run-of-the-mill industrial hemp. During the craft hemp cultivation process, numerous factors are considered, such as:

  • How to maximize cannabinoid and terpene profiles with sun exposure and quality nutrients
  • How to maximize the efficiency of water usage and soil quality for the best quality
  • How to harvest and cure plants to protect the valuable compounds and quality

Therefore, when you buy craft hemp or craft hemp products, you are getting a premium product that is bound to be more cannabinoid-rich and beneficial for your wellness plans.

Discover the Craft Hemp Difference For Yourself

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