Nurtured Under Vermont's Sun + Soil


Vermont's Sun & Soil

Pure + Planted is a wholly women-owned and operated business that creates only the highest quality, small-batched CBD-infused beauty and wellness products. We rely solely on organic, sun grown Vermont hemp and raw materials sourced directly from our local farmers, friends and fellow Vermonters we know and trust. By restricting our ingredients to only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, we are able to noticeably impact the efficiency and safety of our final product.  All of our products are free of toxins, pathogens and pesticides.


Healing Products

“The intent of everything we create is to elevate the lives of others.” – Alexa Mann, Founder

By educating our consumers about the benefits of CBD, we have the opportunity to work collaboratively and recommend the most effective products.  In turn, we are given the chance to positively impact their day-to-day health.


Better Together.

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